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It has been clarified that the refrigerant has a big influence on global warming. Therefore, next-generation refrigerant with low environmental load has been proposed one after another.
But we can't recognize which refrigerants are actually environmentally friendly,because so much complicated refrigerants’ information is offered. This situation is very serious to reduce global warming from refrigerants.
This site offers the voices from various fields and the latest fair information on refrigerants that is based on the scientific evidence.

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Voices from various fields

Since many new refrigerants appear that have lower environmental impact, expectations to reduce environmental impact are growing. But users, developers, researchers and environmental activists of refrigerants have different opinions for next generation refrigerants.
This site offers various opinions from many fields.

Scientific information offered

It is very difficult to judge what is the best next generation refrigerants, since expectations from refrigerant manufacturers, machine manufacturers, industrial business group,environmental groups and government are mixed and confused.This site offers scientific fair information refrigerants.

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We support the fair scientific information and contribute to the environmental protection.
We strongly support the refrigerant information which is fairly transmitted based on the scientific basis, and contribute to the protection of the Earth environment.

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