Month: March 2019

Micro Channel Mitsubishi

Transient heat flow and heat transfer analysis technology to analyze phenomena in pulsating and natural convection conditions Pulsation, natural convection, transient heat transfer analysis, simulation, heat flow, heat transfer rate, reliability Highly durable water-repellent/hydrophilic coating technology to improve heat transfer surface performance Water repellent, condensation, droplet, membrane, condenser, hydrophilic, evaporation, boiling, critical heat flux Heat … Read more

Carbon Dioxide for Industrial Refrigeration (part 2)

Scientific study of the atmosphere has revealed that the CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere is a significant contributor to global warming. The important sources of atmospheric CO2 are emissions from fossil fuel electrical power generating plants and from combustion engines powering vehicles of all types. Currently, regulations do not limit CO2 quantities that may be … Read more