Month: July 2019

7-Eleven and Honeywell Collaborate to Reduce Carbon Footprint with Solstice® N40 at Stores in the United States and Canada

Honeywell and 7‑Eleven, Inc. today announced the adoption of Honeywell Solstice® N40 (R-448A) refrigerant as 7‑Eleven’s standard for remote condensers supporting their refrigeration cases installed across the United States and Canada 7‑Eleven also selected Honeywell’s lower global warming potential (GWP) alternative for retail refrigeration in Japan last year, becoming the first leading retail chain in … Read more


Features In the past, R410A was mainly used as a refrigerant for household air conditioners, but since R410A is a large global warming coefficient (GWP), there has been a problem that the adverse effects on global warming are large. For this reason, it is the R32 that appeared as an alternative. The advantage of R32 … Read more