Types of refrigerant

In the table below, cfc, HCFC, and HFC-based fluorocarbons, typical refrigerants, are shown. There are various types of fluorocarbons in this series, and each refrigerant has a refrigerant number. Looking at this table, we can see that the coefficient of ozone depletion (ODP) is 0, but the global warming coefficient (GWP: relative value when CO2 is 1) is still a large number.

*Quotes from Figaro Giken Co., Ltd. website

For this reason, further refrigerant conversion is required, and now, attention is paid to HFO (hydrofluoroolefin) and natural refrigerant. Since many of these refrigerants have microburns, measures are urgently needed. The refrigerant has a long and short.

*Trends in refrigerants for air conditioning NTTf Research Institute