What is refrigerant?

It is a fluid circulating to transport energy inside air conditioners, refrigerators, and heat pump hot water heaters. It is a very important substance which hits blood if it says in man. As a refrigerant, fluorocarbons (carbon and fluorine compounds) are used mainly, and it is generally referred to as fluorocarbons. Fluorocarbons were developed for … Read more

Types of refrigerant

In the table below, cfc, HCFC, and HFC-based fluorocarbons, typical refrigerants, are shown. There are various types of fluorocarbons in this series, and each refrigerant has a refrigerant number. Looking at this table, we can see that the coefficient of ozone depletion (ODP) is 0, but the global warming coefficient (GWP: relative value when CO2 … Read more

Principle of operation of equipment

Air conditioners, refrigerators, and heat pump water heaters are all driven with the same operating principle. Figure 1 shows the state that the air conditioner is doing the air conditioning as an example. First of all, the operating principle is explained based on this operation state. The evaporator as a heat exchanger, the condenser, the … Read more


Features R290 is a propane that is a flammable hydrocarbon. Therefore, it is often used as LP gas. Since it has such a strong flame, it is a material that is difficult to use in air conditioners, but it is a natural refrigerant, and because GWP is very low, and enough performance is obtained as … Read more


Features Heat pump water heaters and car air conditioners, are also used as refrigerant in the binary refrigeration cycle of refrigerated showcases. When used as a hot water heater, it is characterized by being extremely high pressure and exceeding the supercritical zone and becoming a transcritical cycle. The reason why the use of CO2 , … Read more

R1234ze (Z)

Features R1234ze (Z) is a very low refrigerant for GWP. Due to the high critical temperature, it is not suitable for use in air conditioners or refrigerators, but it may be used for high temperature heat pumps. Refrigerant number R1234ze (Z) Name CIS-1, 3, 3, 3-Tetrafluoropropene Category HFO (Hydrofluoroolefin) Molecular structure ODP 0 GWP 1 … Read more


Features R600A, which is a hydrocarbon (HC), is used for household refrigerators and vending machines. Especially in household refrigerators, most of them use R600a. In addition, it is used as a fuel of the cassette cylinder by using the nature of burning besides the refrigerant as you know. Since r600a is a natural refrigerant that … Read more


Features R134a is a refrigerant belonging to HFC-based refrigerants, and was developed as an alternative refrigerant of R12, a high HCFC-based refrigerant with an ozone layer fracture coefficient ODP. For this reason, it is widely used for vending machines, foaming agents, refrigerators, propellant, etc., mainly for turbo chillers, air conditioners, and chillers that have been … Read more