Month: April 2019


11th to 13th, September, 2019 JSRAE Annual Conference Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology 24th to 30th, August, 2019 ICR 2019 -25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration Montreal, Canada 11th to 14th, May, 2020 13th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2020 Jeju Island, South Korea 6th to 9th,December, 2020 Gustav Lorentzen conference 2020 Kyoto international … Read more


search: not selectedHCHFOMixtureHFCHCFCCFCPFOPFCHOHCOHCFO/HFOHCCHCFO Type Refrigerant name General information Physical properties Regurtion property Hazard property IUPAC Chemical Name chemical_formula Composition Mass fraction Molar mass (g/mol) Critical point Tripple point Standard atomosphere At normal boiling point At dew point in normal pressure(101.325 kPa) At normal temperture(293.15 K) and pressure(101.325 kPa) Atmospheric Lifetime ODP GWP Toxicitys Flammabilitys Autolgnition … Read more


A mixed refrigerant containing HFO, which suppresses the GWP (global warming coefficient) in noncombustible, suitable for retrofit of R-404A and R-22 equipment used mainly for commercial refrigeration applications, meets the low GWP target of CFC emission suppression method. Soltis N40 is highly energy efficient compared to R-404A.Because it is a substitute of R404A, it is … Read more