Honeywell and Sanhua to work on commercialising AC with non-flammable HFO

2019 8 19

Refrigerant specialist signs up controls manufacturer to help develop systems with its non-flammable HFO R466A, which it promises it will be commercially available later this year.

Honeywell says it is collaborating with controls and components manufacturer Sanhua to commercialise its non-flammable HFO R466A. The product is marketed as Solstice N41.
The refrigerant is designed to replace R410A in stationary air conditioning systems.
Chris LaPietra, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Stationary Refrigerants said: “We specifically designed Solstice N41 to solve industry challenges and comply with regulations; this will be a revolutionary solution once it is ready for adoption later this year. This partnership with Sanhua reaffirms our commitment to delivering a safe, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable alternative to R410A.”
The firm said that once commercially available in ’late 2019’, Solstice N41 will be the first A1 nonflammable, lower GWP R410A replacement offered for stationary air conditioning systems. Its GWP of 733 makes it 65 per cent lower than R410A. The A1 designation from ASHRAE is at this stage a preliminary one.

Huang Ningjie, vice president and chief scientist of Sanhua Holding Group said: “We have achieved significant progress on qualifications of HVAC critical components for use in air conditioner refrigerants using [R466A], and the assessment is expected to be completed within this year.”
Honeywell said ‘the use of an A1 HFO significantly reduces the need for additional design and eliminates the need to incorporate any sensors typically required for minimising flammability risk’
It added that it believes the product will eliminate the need for specialised contractor training for flammability mitigation, which it described as ’a big advantage for the industry as it struggles to recruit and retain certified contractors.’

Source: RAC Magazine
By Andrew Gaved